[Marxism] Corbyn's fate

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Corbyn's half-hearted support for Remain pleased neither supporters nor opponents on that question. What support he has left among the membership in a membership vote, if there is one, remains to be seen.  This is a time of polarization, not a time favorable to centrist politicians who are neither here nor there. 


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>Hi Gary,
>Looks like our side are standing strong. The big four unions are all in 
>support of Corbyn. The Blairites are struggling to find a candidate to 
>run against Corbyn - Watson wont run & Eagle's own constituency has come 
>out in support of Corbyn. There is more and more talk of the Blairites 
>splitting. My take is that they (the Blairites) have been chafing at the 
>bit & cant stand listening to progressive politics anymore. They tried 
>it on with the "anti-semitisim" furphy a few weeks ago & now they've 
>jumped the gun, waving their swords around and leaving only their own 
>blood on the floor and walls.
>I am hoping now for a repeat in the conservatives. I can't believe the 
>old wounds wont open up over Brexit. By the time of the next election, 
>which I dont think is that far away, it could be anyone's game. If the 
>Blairites go, then the space opens up for Corbyn and co to really push 
>progressive politics.
>On 06/29/2016 11:49 AM, Gary MacLennan wrote:
>> Hi Anthony
>> good to hear from you. I am currently living on a diet of Richard 
>> Seymour's tweets! (& what Lou forwards to the list). So it is hard for 
>> me to guess at the mood.  The Guardian is infuriating in its stupid 
>> comment about the Corbyn "experiment".  I feel like resorting to 
>> obscenities to describe them.
>> Richard in one of his tweets said there were cracks coming in the 
>> union front, but he appears to think their support for Corbyn will 
>> stay solid. If they do, then the goose of the Blairites is cooked.
>> I wonder if listers agree with me that the Blairites overplayed their 
>> hand, such is their born to rule arrogance.
>> I am convinced (hoping?) that the election for the Labour leader will 
>> turn out to be a "fête dans les rues." Certainly it is a chance for 
>> Momentum to drive home their hegemony on the Left.  BTW I cannot see 
>> this campaign being as friendly as the last one.
>> Having said all that a small part of me thinks that another effort 
>> will be made to reach a deal and so prevent an election for leader.
>> comradely
>> Gary
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