[Marxism] Fwd: 3 Articles in Black Agenda Report on "Good News of Brexit"

DW dwaltersmia at gmail.com
Thu Jun 30 10:57:13 MDT 2016

Louis wrote:

"This is the hoary argument from people like Paul Craig Roberts et al. It
was also common in the American left

"For them, open borders is a capitalist plot. This is not Lenin's view, nor
should it be ours. Workers have a right to travel to countries in search of
a job. Closed borders is a tool backed by nationalists. Period.

"And most importantly, given the genocidal-like slaughter of Syrians, the
end of the EU would make it that much more difficult to get political
asylum. "

Yes, though I haven't seen this on the socialist left, no doubt it floats
around the Robert's-like left one reads on blogs. However, what she wrote,
is accurate. The struggle for open borders, an internationalist position,
was not arrived at by the social struggles in Europe, but pushed by some
sectors of capital. Not unlike the 'moderate' wing of the GOP in the US
which effectively has a 'loose' border view precisely to keep a downward
pressure on wages in some sectors of the economy. And let us not
forget...the closing of the borders to SYRIAN refugees was worked out as a
deal between the reactionary EU and the equally reactionary Turkish

What I like about the articles from BAR is that they do put the onus where
it belongs, and that is what the EU actually is and why it's reactionary.

Clearly, at any rate, the working class of Britain has it's work cut out
for itself, not just in the Labour movement itself, but in the broader
working class. Their struggle will no longer, at least at some point, be
book-ended by the EU. They will have to rely on their own class

David Walters

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