[Marxism] 3 Articles in Black Agenda Report on "Good News of Brexit"

Ken Hiebert knhiebert at shaw.ca
Thu Jun 30 12:49:24 MDT 2016

Andrew Pollack said (in part):
But this is not to deny - and Lenin never did - that the bosses try to use
immigrant against "native" labor......A prerequisite for
fighting such efforts at division was the recognition that it existed.

Ken Hiebert replies;
I agree and would like to expand on the point.  The only way for labor to overcome this problem is to embrace the poorer workers being using to undercut them.
I believe this was true in the case of the United Farm Workers and undocumented Mexican workers.

This was also true in the history of coal mining struggles in British Columbia.  At first, white coal miners were inclined to attack Chinese coal miners.  It was socialists in their ranks who led them to embrace and fight alongside the Chinese miners.  This story is told in No Power Greater, published by the BC Federation of Labour.

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