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Tue Nov 1 04:46:25 MDT 2016

This message is intended for folks working on the Stein campaign. I'm going to request that you reply only if you are actively working on the campaign so to avoid what would be a case of Monday morning quarterbacking. I know that there are a lot of people who are pretty disenchanted with the Green Party going back to 2004 and David Cobb's safe state strategy but I think it's important to separate then from now until after the election.

This article has highlighted some important issues:


I have been holding a bit of a hunch close to the vest for a while and think that I feel comfortable articulating this here in the spirit of comradely discussion.

Basically Sanders and now Stein are both playing to the Occupy vote. I feel this is pretty evident given the rhetoric and style of the campaign. The entire strategy of the Green Welcome Mat and the outreach/support for Sanders seems tactical rather than lacking maturity in my locality. But I am forced to wonder if this is grasped clearly by everyone in the party and seen that way by every state leadership group. I'm wondering this because I have the distinct feeling that the Occupy vote and the Black Lives Matter vote are going to be the key elements of any election in the next few cycles and we could see it develop in a fashion akin to the way the New Left vote did 45 years ago. In that logic I wonder what the strategy should be.

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