[Marxism] Althusser vs. Althusser

Juan Andres Gallardo juanagallardo at gmail.com
Tue Nov 1 05:01:01 MDT 2016

Over the past few years there has been renewed interest in his thought 
worldwide, a phenomenon which has several explanations: his historically 
decisive significance in intellectual debate in France and Great Britain, 
the recovery of the *later Althusser* who supported a *materialism of the 
Encounter*, and finally the development of diverse reflections on the 
relations between structuralism, post-structuralism and post-Marxism.

In this article, we reflect on aspects of Althusser’s thought using some of 
his works as a point of reference. We also utilize Warren Montag’s *Althusser 
and his contemporaries [Philosophy’s perpetual war]* [1], published in 
2013, which is an important contribution to our knowledge of the 
development of his thought and critical analysis of Althusser.

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