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It appears that Putin isn't kidding about being "more like Israel":

Rami Jarrah (a real Syrian journalist, in Aleppo)
3 hrs ·
Moscow just declared that it has notified anti-government rebels in 
besieged Eastern Aleppo to leave via two corridors between 9am and 7pm 
this Friday. And that this would extend the "ceasefire" otherwise they 
would carry out their military targets.
I have checked with sources on the ground and as of yet there is no such 
notice and given the fact that there is no actual ceasefire and this is 
a total and utter lie by the Russians, this can only mean that when the 
deadline comes the bombardment of Aleppo will see an escalation. The 
significance of this now is that it comes just before the US elections 
which is expected to swarm mainstream and social media platforms. And 
could pretty much leave any activity in Aleppo, however horrific yet in 
the shadow of the elections that all will be focused on.
It is important that we take advantage of the the time we have now until 
Friday evening to shed as much light as possible on this strategy by the 
Russians, as when the time comes and if the plan is carried out; our 
voices will be weak in the midst of the world's media focus.
We really need to get this out there whether it's through campaigns, 
messages, posts, reports and all that is possible. If this is a strong 
topic on social media at least it would contrast into the mainstream 
media and would help.
Good luck to you all and to the people of Aleppo...

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