[Marxism] Last Minute Democratic Attempt to Purloin Green Votes

Mark Lause markalause at gmail.com
Wed Nov 2 10:01:14 MDT 2016

NPR did a bit this morning interviewing an alleged supporter of Jill Stein
and the Green Party in Ohio who had agreed to vote Democratic in return for
a Clinton supporter voting in South Carolina voting for Stein.  Of course,
I don't know if this Green in Ohio actually was a Green or not, but we
definitely have no guarantee about what a Democratic voter in South
Carolina might or might not do.

The report was also quite clear that this is being promoted by the Clinton
campaign . . . which is probably how it merited air time on "public radio"
in the first place.

Even were it to wolrk, it would exchange an honest Green vote in one place
for a counterfeit one where it's convenient for the Democrats to have it.
. . . and this assumes that the Clintonian organizers of this flim-flam are
going to honest brokers . . . which we'd be nuts to assume.

This ultimately represents a deliberate Democratic attempt to coax back
into existence the idiotic and suicidal "safe state" "strategy" which many
of us hoped had been left behind.

Mark L.

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