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In 1981, David Weir and Mark Schapiro wrote a book titled “Circle of 
Poison: Pesticides and People in a Hungry World” whose ideas, more 
timely than ever, are the foundation for the film of the same title that 
premieres today on VOD platforms (ITunes, Amazon.com). Co-directed by 
Nick Capezzera, Evan Mascagni and Shannon Post, it is the definitive 
film critique of pesticides that benefits from a wide array of 
scientific experts and activists including Weir himself who has 
credentials as both.

Probably the best thing Jimmy Carter ever did as President was outlaw 
the export of pesticides deemed too toxic for use within the USA. When 
companies such as Monsanto began dumping banned pesticides overseas in 
order to boost corporate profits, Carter, who is one of the 
documentary’s cast of interviewees, took the courageous step of 
protecting the largely poor and defenseless people of the global South 
from such poisons. As might have been predicted, one of Reagan’s first 
measures after entering the White House was rescinding Carter’s 
presidential directive.

Endosulfan was one such pesticide that was banned in the USA. The film 
shows the impact on farmworkers, their children, and poor people living 
in close proximity to fields where it was being sprayed. In the Kasargod 
District of Kerala, India, a prime grower of cashew nuts, scientists 
studied the impact of endosulfan and discovered a virtual epidemic of 
birth defects including bone deformities, infertility, mental 
retardation and congenital heart diseases.

full: https://louisproyect.org/2016/11/02/three-documentaries-of-note-6/

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