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Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Wed Nov 2 18:27:07 MDT 2016

On 11/2/16 8:10 PM, Andrew Pollack via Marxism wrote:
> Vijay allowed that to see the light of day? I thought he was part of the
> "how's Libya working out for ya?" crowd.

As it happens, his "Arab Spring, Libyan Winter" is not anything like 
some of the crap that you can read on Counterpunch:

The promise of money and a return to the oil fields of Libya was too 
much for the Atlantic world to refuse. By April 1999, the UN sanctions 
were suspended, and in 2003 they were lifted. To add to the pot of blood 
money, Gaddafi decided to announce that Libya would "disclose and 
dismantle all weapons of mass destruction." This was on December 19, 
2003, after the United States armed forces had chased Saddam Hussein 
from power on the pretext of weapons of mass destruction. The US was 
equally angry at Iran and North Korea, but it could not act militarily. 
Their nuclear card prevented a repeat of the Iraq adventure. That 
Gaddafi threw the card on the table revealed his obsequious intentions. 
Commercial links were restored the next year, when a US Congressional 
team (led by Congressman Tom Lantos) came to Libya. Lantos' team 
returned to the US with good news about Libya. In 2006, the US State 
Department decided to remove Libya from its list of state sponsors of 
terrorism. In October 2008, the Libyans promised to turn over $1.5 
billion in a trust fund as compensation for the various bombings. 
President George W. Bush signed Executive Order 13477 which voided all 
outstanding claims against Libya. A US Ambassador arrived in Tripoli, in 
the wake of US oil companies (who have faster jets).

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