[Marxism] Interesting comments on IF Stone and The Nation from Richard Estes

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Fri Nov 4 12:57:12 MDT 2016

"Rolling Stone is not exactly a bloodied but unbowed radical voice. It 
is basically a lifestyle magazine that aspires to be the college 
freshmen’s Esquire."

As you probably know, Jann Wenner and Ralph Gleason deliberately refused 
to adopt the radical politics of the underground left when they launched 
Rolling Stone. The subsequent publication of Hunter Thompson's articles 
can thus be considered an effort to retain the allure of an underground 
press publication without the politics.

"Reaching the bottom of the barrel is Michael Moore, who states that 
there is a direct line between him and I.F. Stone notwithstanding this 
millionaire’s deep embedding within the Democratic Party and his most 
recent slavering over Hillary Clinton in the feckless documentary 
“Michael Moore in TrumpLand”."

Moore really is becoming the Don King of the left.

"When a new issue arrived in my mailbox, the first page I always turned 
to contained Alexander Cockburn’s “Beat the Devil”. With the wars in 
Central America heating up, his blistering attacks on Ronald Reagan were 
as valuable to me as Stone’s on Vietnam."

The relationship between Cockburn and The Nation is worth a documentary 
all its own, particularly as the relationship soured as a consequence of 
The Nation's accommodation with Clinton and the Democratic Party.

"I suffered through it because I think that the left has to contend with 
The Nation baring its fangs on behalf of a Hillary Clinton vote."

Yes, The Nation will be in the vanguard of defending a President 
Clinton, especially her probable neoconservative, militaristic foreign 
policy. Melissa Harris-Perry's defense of Obama's drone strikes is a 
foreshadowing of it.

But, I.F. Stone. I remember him from my childhood. It is impossible to 
overstate his journalistic bravery and integrity. Actually, if there is 
a publication that most closely aligns with his values, it is 
Shadowproof, launched by Kevin Gosztola and Brian Sonenstein, among 
others. Gosztola is the closest thing to a contemporary Stone.

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