[Marxism] Interesting comments on IF Stone and The Nation from Richard Estes

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With no notice and no comment from outside I have seen, Rolling Stone has suddenly shrunk down to a bit more than Time Magazine size, and many fewer pages.

Pushing Clinton.


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>"Rolling Stone is not exactly a bloodied but unbowed radical voice. It 
>is basically a lifestyle magazine that aspires to be the college 
>freshmen’s Esquire."
>As you probably know, Jann Wenner and Ralph Gleason deliberately refused 
>to adopt the radical politics of the underground left when they launched 
>Rolling Stone. The subsequent publication of Hunter Thompson's articles 
>can thus be considered an effort to retain the allure of an underground 
>press publication without the politics.
>"Reaching the bottom of the barrel is Michael Moore, who states that 
>there is a direct line between him and I.F. Stone notwithstanding this 
>millionaire’s deep embedding within the Democratic Party and his most 
>recent slavering over Hillary Clinton in the feckless documentary 
>“Michael Moore in TrumpLand”."
>Moore really is becoming the Don King of the left.
>"When a new issue arrived in my mailbox, the first page I always turned 
>to contained Alexander Cockburn’s “Beat the Devil”. With the wars in 
>Central America heating up, his blistering attacks on Ronald Reagan were 
>as valuable to me as Stone’s on Vietnam."
>The relationship between Cockburn and The Nation is worth a documentary 
>all its own, particularly as the relationship soured as a consequence of 
>The Nation's accommodation with Clinton and the Democratic Party.
>"I suffered through it because I think that the left has to contend with 
>The Nation baring its fangs on behalf of a Hillary Clinton vote."
>Yes, The Nation will be in the vanguard of defending a President 
>Clinton, especially her probable neoconservative, militaristic foreign 
>policy. Melissa Harris-Perry's defense of Obama's drone strikes is a 
>foreshadowing of it.
>But, I.F. Stone. I remember him from my childhood. It is impossible to 
>overstate his journalistic bravery and integrity. Actually, if there is 
>a publication that most closely aligns with his values, it is 
>Shadowproof, launched by Kevin Gosztola and Brian Sonenstein, among 
>others. Gosztola is the closest thing to a contemporary Stone.
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