[Marxism] last thoughts on the American election

Gary MacLennan gary.maclennan1 at gmail.com
Sat Nov 5 19:03:37 MDT 2016

The ABC political program *The Insiders* was remarkable this morning for
its lack of enthusiasm at the prospect of a Clinton victory. It seemed a
case of the unspeakable versus the uneatable, or something like that.

What the commentators refused to address was the meaning of the election,
other than a superficial nod to the standard paradigm of Cosmopolitanism
versus  Natavism. I can recall watching the 1961 documentary on the
comedian Will Rogers that was narrated by Bob Hope.  I recall Hope quoting
Rogers as apologizing for being a Democrat but saying that God always
seemed to ensure that "we" had two candidates for President.

Well God must be off on furlough for no one, but no one, thinks either
candidate is any good.

But no one in the political class here is taking the next step and
wondering aloud about the deeper meaning of being tied into an alliance led
by either Trump or Clinton.  The phrase "leader of the Free World" is still
bandied about here. Well the leader could well be an ex-reality TV Star who
wants to fire us all, or a quite crazy war monger who has talked about
"obliterating" a nation.

I wish us all well in these circumstances.  We are going to need it.



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