[Marxism] Council for the National Interest addresses current election

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Sun Nov 6 11:18:03 MST 2016

Isn't this the same article you posted last time?

Your post (referencing the Green Party) implies that CNI endorses Trump.
Given that the article does no such thing ["While the self-immolating
Donald Trump certainly deserves much of the criticism hurled at him...";] I
don't know why Giraldi is expected to address the Green Party. The point is
simple: focusing on Trump's disgusting record has in fact been used to
obscure Hillary Clinton's warmongering ["The point to be considered is that
the fog created by the trashing of Trump obscures the very real danger
posed by a possible President Hillary Rodham Clinton"].  That is a matter
of fact, I don't know why it is necessary to address the Greens.

- Amith

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> The author does not mention the Green Party as an alternative.
>                         ken h
> http://www.councilforthenationalinterest.org/new/?p=4221#.WB7a-yMrKNV
> The relentless drumbeat against Donald Trump continues. The Washington
> Post on October 14 endorsed Hillary Clinton for president while also
> including in the print edition nine articles, three op-eds, and three
> letters blasting the GOP candidate, including pieces in the Style and Metro
> sections of the paper. On the following day there were five articles, a
> lead editorial, three letters, two op-eds, and two cartoons. And the Post
> is not alone, with the New York Times doing its bit in running news
> articles on Trump’s alleged sexual proclivities while the television media
> continue to run with the stories relating to earlier revelations. When
> Trump raised the possibility that all of this activity is being coordinated
> and possibly in part fabricated by the Clinton campaign, he was castigated
> for even suggesting such a thing.
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