[Marxism] So Alison Weir supports Trump (big surprise)

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Sun Nov 6 15:18:01 MST 2016

There is literally nothing in the article that endorses Trump. Jeff is a
troll, please ignore.

- Amith

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> On 2016-11-06 08:47, Ken Hiebert via Marxism wrote:
>> http://www.councilforthenationalinterest.org/new/?p=4221
> It is sickening to see much of the American left playing out the
> anti-Clinton theme as if they can't figure out that this is the way you
> increase the vote for the (near-) fascist Trump. After all, no one has much
> nice to say about either viable candidate, so the way you support the one
> is by trashing the other so they will lose the "unpopularity contest" that
> the US election has become.
> But it's not hard to imagine that an ex-CIA official (also the executive
> director of the CNI) would lean in that direction. And from all that I had
> learned about her, I wouldn't have expected Alison Weir to be voting for
> any other than the fascist. But I wouldn't really have predicted that she'd
> go so far as to do so blatantly on the webpage of her organization.
> To refresh your memory, Alison Weir is the president of the so-called
> Council for the National Interest (CNI) and the founder of If Americans
> Knew, both right-wing anti-Israel organizations trying to exploit the
> success and prestige of the Palestine solidarity movement, as has been
> previously discussed on this list. Although you wouldn't think that an
> organization with a rather narrow focus (advising the American state
> against support for Israel) would support a canidate in a general election
> campaign, one can also see that by doing so she's hardly likely to cause
> anyone to quit that outfit. I'm sure the rightist membership of that group
> would already be voting 20:1 in favor of Trump. I didn't bother to look at
> her other organization, If Americans Knew, where that group's non-profit
> status would make such blatent electoral intervention problematic.
> Yes, I know that Amith wrote a very contrary post. He is very much in
> denial, which is why he came out screaming that the presence of this
> article on the CNI site was NOT an endorsement of Trump, even when no one
> had even posed that question! And I guess he could hold up the disclaimer
> at the bottom of the page. But I'm talking about what everyone can see if
> they are not in denial. For Alison Weir to post a vehemently anti-Clinton
> article (one not even directly addressing the issue of concern to the CNI,
> namely Israel) just 18 days before the election, cannot be viewed as
> anything other than motivation for the reader to vote for Trump.
> Also, as an aside, let me just be clear about one thing. For all the awful
> things I have pointed out about Alison Weir and her organizations, I have
> never said or believed that she or these groups need to be "smashed" or
> "taken on." The growth of non-left organizations opposing Israel and
> American aid to Israel is a sign of the success of our movement in support
> of Palestine. The more successful we are in projecting the voices of
> Palestine, the more will cracks emerge within the ruling class and
> mainstream politics over the issue of American ties with and support to
> Israel. I want to see two, three, many CNI's. The reason Alison Weir and
> her right-wing groups became controversial within the solidarity movement
> (and on this list, mainly through Amith) was the importance of
> differentiating ourselves, and the Palestinians, from right-wing opposition
> to Israel. We support the freedom struggle for Palestine regardless of what
> "foreign policy" is deemed optimum for imperialism. And above all, we shall
> not allow the rightist politics (and frequently accompanying anti-semitism)
> of those anti-Israel forces to tar the image of the Palestinians and their
> supporters, and in particular we take care to avoid providing fuel for the
> "Anti-zionism is anti-semitism" mantra spewed by Israel.
> - Jeff
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