[Marxism] Alison Weir backs Jill Stein, condemns Trump and Hillary

A.R. G amithrgupta at gmail.com
Sun Nov 6 22:21:54 MST 2016


^^^A screenshot from Alison Weir's public Facebook page.

It was already obvious that Jeff was lying when he falsely accused Weir of
backing Trump.

In the past, on this very list-serv, my mistaken suggestion that someone
was backing a fascist resulted in me being expected to personally apologize
with the threat of being banned from the list. Likewise, Clay Claiborne's
repeated suggestion that those who condemn Clinton (as did Phil Giraldi)
are agents of Trump got him banned.

Jeff changed the title to an existing thread about an article posted in one
of Weir's organization's blogs and publicly accused her of backing Donald
Trump with no evidence whatsoever, even though she is backing the same
candidate as many of the people on the list (Jill Stein). I do not moderate
this list, but I think Jeff should either apologize for falsely accusing an
activist of backing Donald Trump, or be removed from the list.

- Amith

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