[Marxism] Alison Weir backs Stein -- FOR THE LAST TWO MINUTES?

Jeff meisner at xs4all.nl
Mon Nov 7 05:50:22 MST 2016

At 00:21 07-11-16 -0500, A.R. G via Marxism wrote:
>^^^A screenshot from Alison Weir's public Facebook page.
>It was already obvious that Jeff was lying when he falsely accused Weir of
>backing Trump.

Alright, I saw the screenshot and acknowledged that I was wrong (not
"lying") when I asserted that she was supporting Trump. But looking again
at the screenshot Amith managed to efficiently post to the list, it shows
(and I had to double-check this interpretation because I don't use
Facebook) that Alison Weir had posted that item exactly two minutes

Well I still acknowledge my error in mischaracterizing her position on the
elections, and if she wrote that then I will accept that she indeed
supports Jill Stein, not Trump as I had assumed from her earlier having
posted the objectionable piece on the CNI site. But now I don't feel so
stupid for having made that mistake, given that I wrote that at what would
have been 17:03 New York Time, whereas the screenshot was at 0:16 showing
that Weir had posted her preference in the elections at 0:14, just two
minutes before!

So regardless of my own mistake, I detect a bit of subterfuge on Amith's
part: he clearly contacted Weir, had her post that to Facebook, took the
screenshot 2 minutes later, and managed to post the screenshot using a web
service, sending us the link 5 minutes later. Amith: that was a lot of
trouble to go through just to prove me wrong! I'd think a forwarded email
from her would have sufficed.

Of course what I REALLY would have liked to have seen would be proof that
she already had a record in supporting Stein, like from before I brought
the issue up. Amith and Weir together have gone to some trouble to post
something to the list that should have been posted on her Facebook page (or
elsewhere) much earlier, not just 2 days before the election and hours
after I had written what I (incorrectly, I gather) assumed her position
was. What's more, if Amith had actually known Weir's position in supporting
Stein, he surely would have mentioned that in his first reply to me at
17:18 when he told people to "ignore" me. So it appears he had to contact
her first to find out if I really was wrong, and then for her to post her
position on Facebook to look as if it had been a public position of hers --

- Jeff

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