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I'm trying to build up efforts for the RI Green Party and, though I don't like playing gossip games, I have a few questions regarding David Cobb and the 2004 campaign. What was the conflict involving Peter Camejo about? Did anyone read Greg Gerritt's book on the topic?

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> On 11/7/16 8:56 AM, Andrew Pollack via Marxism wrote:
> I can't imagine Stein and Baraka were happy about his invocation of the
> anti-Stalinist movements in Eastern Europe.

In fact most Stein supporters, including me, would have preferred Chris 
Hedges as a presidential candidate with Cornel West as VP candidate. Or 
vice versa. But the Green Party will outlive whatever flaws of the 
current candidates. Their contribution is to raise its profile as a 
party that does not accommodate to the Democrats even though there were 
some indications that there was intense pressure to do so over the past 
few weeks, something we can thank the dirtbag David Cobb for.
Best regards,
Andrew Stewart 

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