[Marxism] Absolutely final thoughts

Gary MacLennan gary.maclennan1 at gmail.com
Mon Nov 7 19:12:42 MST 2016

I am actually aware that it is the height of bad manners to lecture or
argue with comrades in another country. But my excuse is that what happens
in the USA matters all around the world.

So let me make a final comment.  It is noon Tuesday here and this time
tomorrow we will know more. But first principles first.

8 years ago I was engaged in a sharp polemic with Obama supporters who said
his election would give rise to a great wave of young black activists. Well
that movement BLACK LIVES MATTER did eventually eventuate, but it had
bugger all to do with BO.

I said then, and I say it again, we need to smash the  Republican-Democrat
duopoly for there to be any substantial progress in the world. I argued
with all the power I could that in no shape or form should we buy into any
variation of the lesser of two evils rubbish.  [That for me is 'sacrosanct'
btw]. If I lived in the States I would vote Stein, if I could. Otherwise I
would abstain and loudly at that.

The little bit of wisdom I have accumulated over my 74 years, tells me that
when no one takes you seriously for being a revolutionary Leftist, it is
imperative that you take yourself seriously. And to buy into the very
ancient shell game entitled "Vote Democrat to Keep Fascism at bay" means
that we are not taking ourselves seriously.  We have learned nothing and
forgot nothing.

Harangue over



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