[Marxism] Should the left try to take over the Democratic Party?/Why are People Still Living in East Aleppo?/Absolutely Final Thoughts

Michael Yates MIKEDJYATES at msn.com
Tue Nov 8 08:23:32 MST 2016

Louis's article in North Star is excellent. When I read the rubbish Ben Kunkel and Bhaskar Sunkara have written, making arguments that have been made for decades, and are even more foolish now than they were then, I want to just give up. What hope is there for radical change in the United States. Not much. Jacobin just posted an essay wondering what we can do to make sure that the choices we face in the 2036 election won't be as bleak as the ones we face today. By 2036, most of the Brooklyn intellectuals around Jacobin will have long since moved to the right, so the question will be be moot.

Louis also posted an article from the BBC, asking why people are still living in East Aleppo. All of the Assad supporters (some open, some de facto) seem absolutely callous to the death and misery rained down on Syrians by Assad and Putin. It really does make you sick to contemplate this.

Gary has written a fine screed on the stupidity of the lesser evil argument. We are either radicals or we are not. And as ee cummings had olaf say in his poem, there is some shit i will not eat.

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