[Marxism] market, shmarket

Andrew Pollack acpollack2 at gmail.com
Tue Nov 8 10:15:58 MST 2016

This is so tiresome.

Here for the 100th time is someone who's ecstatic at having found the
"solution" to the socialist calculation problem (although it's clear from
his article he hasn't followed that problem very closely): all we need is
the help of the market, for both big issues (climate change) and small!

Frase sets up a straw man by critiquing the admittedly clunky "parecon"
system. But he says nothing about such concepts as "articulated
self-management" (Mandel) in which decisions are made at the lowest level
possible, and at every level are the subject of debate in a
democratically-elected council.

And most irritatingly, he says nothing about the technology available to
facilitate such planning, for instance computers used by logistics
behemoths like Wa-Mart to PLAN in a non-market fashion restocking shelves,
warehouse storage, distribution costs, etc., data which then is available
to production bodies (see Joe Allen's articles on that). Nor does he say
anything about the consumption choices made every day by millions of people
on Amazon and similar sites -- all of which are potential inputs for a
nonmarket, democratic planned analysis.


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