[Marxism] Should the left try to take over the Democratic Party?/Why are People Still Living in East Aleppo?/Absolutely Final Thoughts

Michael Yates MIKEDJYATES at msn.com
Tue Nov 8 13:51:47 MST 2016

Ralph Johansen wrote:

"On this sodden election day here in the US, I'm reminded of this, which pretty much puts it in a nutshell. If we look beyond the dismal punditry out there about causes, consequences and the possibilities for change, I see this as one of the more profound, explicit statements of the problem and solution by John Smith in the final chapter of his fine book Imperialism in the 21st Century published by your invaluable MR Press, Michael."

Thanks for the kind words, Ralph. John Smith's book is path-breaking I think. I kept after him for several years to make sure the book got done. John is a truly gracious and humble man, and a fine and rigorous scholar. It was an honor to work with him. He has another book in the works, which I am confident that we will publish.

Solidarity, Michael

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