[Marxism] The need to say something

Gary MacLennan gary.maclennan1 at gmail.com
Wed Nov 9 14:15:32 MST 2016

I have just sent a version of this post to a good friend. But I feel the
need to say something publicly about the election.   Before the result my
friend and I both agreed that Clinton was a "wicked witch". I said that
publicly and on this list and I do not back away from that. Whether what
she represents or not is dead, that is another question. However, putting
that to one side, if we even just glance briefly we can see that they have
stuck a monkey on a tiger's back and put it in the White House.

This was an insurgency but one within the parameters of misogyny, racism
and nativism and social class.  The people i.e. those who work, the working
class, have gone with a billionaire.  At one stroke they have stayed within
the safety of their subaltern mentality and let the boss class know they
are not happy.

I think it is crucial to see that this is the people's version of a safe
revolution. They  do not have to face the terror of taking responsibility
for running the nation.  They can leave it to "The Donald".  He is a
billionaire after all and did a really good job with a TV show - What was
it called?

But if Trump does any of these three things that he has promised

   - Cut taxes
   - Cut expenditure
   - Declare China a currency manipulator

then all bets are off.  We will be plunged into a very deep recession. At
that stage the current subaltern consciousness of the working class will
come under pressure. We might, just might, see the growth of a class
consciousness which is the consciousness of the working class for itself.
If we don't, then humanity is done for.

It is that serious.

Of course the sycophancy-dimmed tide is about to be loosed.  Lots of
charlatans will be out there telling us that the dignity of the office will
transform Trump. Reactionaries will also mistakenly think this is their
moment.  They will think that the American working class have moved to the
Right, when in reality what they have done is the political equivalent of a
primal scream.

But they will have to learn, that it takes more than screaming to transform
what Bhaskar called the world of the demi-real - a world full of
exploitation, domination, oppression and the rejection of the spiritual
values of kindness, compassion and love.


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