[Marxism] Obama: ever the conciliatory dickwad

Gary MacLennan gary.maclennan1 at gmail.com
Wed Nov 9 16:44:30 MST 2016

I think that really annoys me in all this is the rush to kiss Trump's ass.
The sycophancy, the absolute need to grovel to the master is revolting.
Actually, Lou, you are wrong to describe Obama as contradictory.  There is
no contradiction at all.  He was clever enough to let some people imagine
he was somehow different, but no, he was always the boy most likely to.

Bhaskar used to lecture on the need for seriousness. Alexander Cogburn
talked of  the need for hate.  But the likes of Obama are never serious and
they are never full of hatred because of the injustices of the world.
Neither of course is Trump and the poor benighted bastards that voted for
him will discover that to all our cost.

Johnathan Freedland in the Guardian is a correspondent I do not like at
all.  But his ability to spot a racist xenophobe is very strong.  He won my
(grudging_ respect when he wrote

"We thought the United States would step back from the abyss. We believed,
and the polls led us to feel sure, that Americans would not, in the end,
hand the most powerful office on earth to an unstable bigot, sexual
predator and compulsive liar."

So I cannot stand anyone pretending that this is anything other than a
disaster for us all. And that does not mean that I would have voted for
Clinton. Not ever. Never.



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