[Marxism] Great post on FB by Bob Buzzanco, a U. of Houston leftist professor

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Wed Nov 9 17:59:01 MST 2016

Donald Trump was opposed, vigorously, by Wall Street, by the media, by 
the ruling class, by other mega-billionaires like Cuban, Buffett, Gates. 
And he won. In a very fucked-up and dysfunctional way, it means 
democracy won out. The people beat the oligarchy.

If only the left would have learned that years ago, that you had to 
confront the oligarchs, instead of lesser-of-evilism and "this is the 
most important election of our lives." Fuck every Democrat who blamed 
Ralph Nader for the 2000 defeat. Fuck everyone who made Kerry and 
Clinton the nominees, in a system that was NEVER RIGGED but established 
that way. Fuck the self-described Socialists who masturbated about 
Bernie Sanders while working class people were putting their bodies on 
the line to stop KXL and fracking. Fuck all the NY intellectuals and 
Jacobinite boutique radicals whose political involvement consisted of 
snarky anti-Clinton tweets (that's a challenge to come up with), 
rock-star blogs, and inside frat clique politics.

Looks like I might be able to buy a happy meal with my pension now. Fuck 
the Clintons, their foundation, their Goldman Sachs incestuous 
relationship, all that. And I weep for my peeps in Youngstown, Warren, 
and Niles who bought Trump's line. They've been reamed up the ass by the 
Dems for so long that they voted for the devil they didn't know. I 
personally know people who voted for Trump and if someone called them 
"deplorable" in front of me, they'd have to deal with some Sicilian 

She lost to Donald Trump. Think about that. She lost to essentially a 
game show host. I'd rather have Bob Fucking Barker as president.
(Edit: Scott Parkin has informed me that Bob Barker has good politics so 
I'm sorry to insult him. Drew Carey? Alex Trebek? The late Gene Rayburn?)

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