[Marxism] the contradictions of conciliation

Gary MacLennan gary.maclennan1 at gmail.com
Wed Nov 9 20:06:02 MST 2016

Lou has very kindly pointed out to me that he wrote 'Conciliatory' and not
'contradictory'. Apologies.  I plead old age and a tendency to over skim
read always.

For some time now, the bourgeoisie have been making it obvious that they
are locked into a cycle that will inevitably lead to the destruction of
humanity. By any standard our rulers are insane.

So it is hardly surprising that a buffoon or Fool King would emerge.  Of
course having emerged on the stage and shat in his pants in front of all of
us, we now have to endure the spectacle of all the sycophants trying to
pretend that he is not a malevolent buffoon and that he does not stink to
high heaven.
It is like the shit fest scene out of *Salò, or the 120 Days of Sodom *or
Canto 18 from The Inferno

Quindi sentimmo gente che si nicchia

Ne l'altra bolgia, e che col muso scuffa,

E sѐ medesma con le palme picchia.

Le ripe eran grommate d'una muffa

Per l'alito di giù che vi s'appasta,

che con li occhi e col naso facea suffa.

Some would call electing Trump the Revenge of the Deplorables.  But like
all such carnivalistic acts, it merely goes to show that inversion is not
the same as negation.



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