[Marxism] A Blue Collar Town in Decline and in Despair Turns to Trump

Andrew Pollack acpollack2 at gmail.com
Thu Nov 10 07:39:35 MST 2016

As I may have mentioned I'm also from the Pittsburgh area (South Hills),
and my recollection is that as coal and steel disappeared,
healthcare/insurance/etc. moved in. Just checking one source it shows that
healthcare and healthcare support wages are below the national average -
and support jobs pay less than $15 an hour.
With ACA about to come under attack, it seems to me the single-payer
movement needs to be revived and to include fighting for higher wages,
organization, etc.

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> The high school I attended used to play basketball against Ambridge High
> School. I taught union workers in a nearby town. Bleak, miserable places
> now. If the fact that Ambridge (no doubt like my own hometown, in which
> nearly every man was a union member when I was a boy) went solidly for
> Trump is not a sign of the utter, total, and complete failure of the labor
> movement in the US, I don't know what is. Yes, there are bigots and
> religious nuts aplenty in the places now. But their labor leaders abandoned
> them, the political elites did the same, and the left intellectuals in our
> cities never took the time to visit these places, which are scattered all
> across the nation, to learn about the people who lived and worked away
> their lives in the factories, to engage them, to teach them. It's really
> too late now. But proof positive that inequality, economic hardship, and
> the like can, in the absence of an alternative radical politics, drives the
> working class to the left is a foolish myth. As I have been arguing for at
> least 40 years.
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