[Marxism] The working class roots of the DP?

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Fri Nov 11 08:44:45 MST 2016

I will be writing at length before too long about all these calls for 
the DP to return to its working class roots, with people like Bernie 
Sanders and Robert Reich leading the charge. But a close reading of DP 
history will reveal that except for FDR and the lingering effects of the 
New Deal in the Truman and LBJ administrations, the DP was always 
hostile to working class interests. The idea that you can adopt a 
pro-worker program when confronted by inertial forces going back 2 
centuries is delusional. Furthermore, half-way measures against the 
"billionaire class" won't work unlike the 1930s when the American 
economy relied on Fordist manufacturing at its core. The bourgeoisie 
farmed out manufacturing long ago except for certain sectors such as 
aerospace long ago. Nothing will bring that back. Trump's words about 
Carrier Air Conditioning not being allowed to go to Mexico is pure 
demagogy. It is probably frightening to most people on the soft left to 
think about the prospects of a revolution against the most powerful 
capitalist class in world history but we have no choice. As Rosa 
Luxemburg said, it is socialism or barbarism.

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