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Ralph Johansen mdriscollrj at charter.net
Fri Nov 11 10:22:42 MST 2016

Mark Lause wrote

If we take what Trump and his supporters said and are saying on face 
value, they are more concerned about going after what they see as the 
privileged "liberal" elites who have gotten special privileges under the 
law--"crooked Hillary," etc.  I think that even the officials of this 
incoming administration have to realize that that's a can of worms.  
Like most of Trump's more disturbing rhetoric, it was made for effect.  
Actually doing something to threaten the traditional structures of power 
or the now-traditional exemptions of ruling class people from 
prosecution for criminal activities would encourage sections of the 
ruling class itself to pull the plug.

We have plenty of more tangible realities we need to worry about without 
borrowing troubles that haven't come up yet.

In general, we should take the advice of General U.S. Grant and not 
worry what the enemy might do to us and start planning what we're going 
to do to them..

Dunno for sure, Mark, but there's much reason there. Consider the 
likelihood: have you ever heard John Bolton's rant? Did you see Gingrich 
calling for a new House on Un-American Activities 
Committee?https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-GU0JD7eKhY @ 153? Rudy 
Giuliani the Manhattan street sweeper for Attorney General? The chair of 
the House Home Security committee calling for shutdown of the internet, 
which other authoritarian regimes have been doing, citing security 
concerns? Or a rabid right born again v.p. who is a close Cheney 
associate? David Clarke the Black Milwaukee sheriff who furiously 
condemns Black Lives matter and advises that constituents arm 
themselves? What Trump's SCOTUS selection will mean for the further 
gutting of the Bill of Rights? What racism, tax cuts, climate denial and 
reversal, Springs springing globally, the probabilities of an unstable 
currency, a collapsing economy and a whole pile of intractable 
challenges will mean for an inexperienced president and his 
hastily-selected team in terms of global stability and the level of 
protests? The president's killer list? What he will face in the reaction 
to the US ringing Russia and China with bases and warships and missile 
sites and ratcheting tension with use of the currency, the tariff and 
market monopoly to destabilize? Assuming chaos ain't chicken little 
anymore. Not that anyone has what it takes to run an 
imperialist/capitalist regime with what faces us, but he's off to a most 
ominous start, It isn't whether he's reluctant to disturb the structures 
of power, it's what is beyond his power, or anyone's power, that should 
worry us. And if it was just his rhetoric that would be something else.

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