[Marxism] FW: Socialists and wars in the 21st century - The case of Syria

Richard Fidler rfidler_8 at sympatico.ca
Fri Nov 11 11:21:11 MST 2016

In a recent article, "Syria and the Antiwar Tradition,"
published in the Socialist Project's on-line bulletin The
Bullet, David Bush discusses various positions taken by
international left currents on issues raised by the current
war in Syria and asks what, if anything, socialists can or
should do about it. 

Bush advances many arguments, and I agree with much of what
he writes. But since I had expressed a somewhat different
approach in a members-only email discussion list of
Socialist Project, the Bullet editors asked if I would like
to comment on the article for publication. Pursuant to that
invitation, I submitted a response to Bush's article to the
editors on November 5. Since it has not yet been published I
reproduce it below, as submitted together with a list of
suggested readings and a short article by Gilbert Achcar
that I considered apposite. 

As well, I use this opportunity to add some additional
comments following that article on an aspect of the debate
that I alluded to only briefly in my original text.

Full: http://tinyurl.com/zr8mq7f

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