[Marxism] Trump Campaigned Against Lobbyists. Now They’re on His Transition Team

Gary MacLennan gary.maclennan1 at gmail.com
Sat Nov 12 18:04:13 MST 2016

Surprise!!!! 🙃

I have been asked by several people about how Trump will go.  Will he
become "pragmatic" as our Prime Minister assures everyone?  What do I
think?  Of course, at this stage in my life cycle I should long ago have
abandoned the impulse to predict the future.  Besides, as a follower of
Bhaskar, I am all too aware that we live in open systems and prediction is
impossible.  But we are left with intelligent guesses.

Trump himself is a narcissistic buffoon. They have made a mistake by
allowing him to be elected.  Who do I mean by "They"?  Well of course I am
thinking about the rich and the powerful - the American ruling class.  It
is not as if they were faced with an existential threat as the German
ruling class were when they turned to Hitler. If I were asked to
characterize the USA elite I would say they were marked by a combination of
arrogance and insouciance. Frankly, my dear, they don't give a damn.

Why  do I think they have they made a mistake, then? Partly I think because
they have under thought the role of the POTUS. He is something like a
Monarch and something like a Prime Minister. There has to be a certain awe
and majesty and mystique around the occupier of the position, a gravitas if
you like, if they are to fulfill the role's function.  I want to vomit when
I hear the phrase "Leader of the Free World", but it has meaning to
millions of "moderates"  outside the USA. All round the world people look
to the White House for inspiration.  In burns my guts to write this, but it
is true.

Now we have a giant's role upon a dwarfish thief.  The clown, who excels at
levels like letting off wet farts in the crowded elevator, is now in the
Oval Office. Nick Farage, the other buffoon who leads the ultra right in
the UK, has joked about how he will tell Trump not to touch Theresa May
when the POTUS meets the UK's Prime Minister. I could never have invented
that kind of scenario where awe and majesty so obviously drowns in a
torrent of sniggering.

The other reason why I feel, Trump is riding the tiber is that I think a
complicated dialectic has been set in train around the Deplorables. I
actually like that phrase because I think it will come back to haunt those
who have let the Deplorables out of the cage. There is no way at all that
Trump can help his base, even if he intended to. They will watch with ever
growing dismay as he does his best to become "dignified" and "pragmatic".
74% of Americans either voted against Trump or abstained. They will also
watch Trump with ever deepening dislike that might turn to hatred.

He will try and throw some red meet to his followers.  That will take the
form of creating some Feared, Despised Other internally as well as
externally.  Whoever he chooses will exact a price from him.

So to sum up, Trump will veer from savagery to doing an imitation of what
he thinks the POTUS should do. Fear and ridicule  and disillusion will
accompany his every move.  At the end of the four years, the ruling class
will be scrambling to contain the mess they have created.



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