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For me, that horse left the barn a long time ago and has little impact on my life nowadays. But younger people might want to be a bit more careful given the new political dispensations in the United States and elsewhere.

I happen to moderate the Marxism-Thaxis List. Some years ago, I received a request from a former Turkish member of that list, who wanted messages that he posted ten or twelve years earlier, when he was an undergraduate, removed from the list archives precisely he was fearful that they were hurting his job search. We carried out his request. Since that time, the political environment in Turkey has only grown even more toxic that it was back then, as it has in many other countries.

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Subject: [Marxism] Reminder
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As indicated in the header attached to all Marxism list messages, the 
list is publicly and permanently archived. That being the case, 
subscribe and post under an alias if you have a concern about your name 
showing up on a job search.

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