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Radical America, July-August 1974
The United Front in America: a Note
by Staughton Lynd

There is no way that the working-class mood of those years can be 
considered anti-fascist. What was to the fore was a growing 
disenchantment with liberalism and with Roosevelt. Those who, like 
myself, did not experience that time can, I think, get a sense of it by 
recalling the mood of SNCC activists and the northern black community in 
1962-1964. Just as Kennedy was then criticized for rhetorically 
espousing civil rights, yet standing by while those who acted on his 
rhetoric were jailed, beaten, and killed, so on the bloody picket lines 
of 1933-1935 men wonderingly asked themselves: Where was Roosevelt ?

full: https://louisproyect.org/2016/11/16/where-was-roosevelt/

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