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Greetings from Prague!
Thanks Lou for this information on this great Jewish scholar, Stefan Zweig. At the moment,  I'm reading an interesting book about him and others who shared his fate, especially chapter three, which is entitled: "Into the Bourgeoisie:The Zweig and Brettauer Story." 
For list members, who would like to know more about him, here is the title of the book:
Lives in Between: Assimilation and Marginality in Austria, Brazil, West Africa 1780-1945, by Leo Spitzer.
As always,
Moses .............. 
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Poorly served by Wes Anderson in the “The Grand Budapest Hotel” as a 
comic-opera figure in line with the director’s overripe pastel-colored 
sense of whimsy, Stefan Zweig now reappears in a thoughtful and 
dramatically compelling new film titled “Stefan Zweig: Farewell to 
Europe” that is Austria’s Official Academy Awards Entry for Best Foreign 
Language film. It will certainly garner my vote for the New York Film 
Critics Online awards meeting in early December.

Directed by Maria Schrader who co-wrote the script with Jan Schomburg, 
it is structured as a five-act drama with each act centered on a pivotal 
moment in Zweig’s life in exile, all but one taking place in Latin 
America where he still enjoyed a lofty reputation. For Zweig, the 30s 
were an ordeal both for being forced into exile from his beloved Vienna 
and for having to deal with a painful reality that literary fashion had 
passed him by.

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