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>  Philip Giraldi rejects charges of anti-semitism against Trump
>                         ken h
> http://www.councilforthenationalinterest.org/new/?p=4250#.WDMCSyMrJ44
> Let’s face it, Milbank and Dreazen are pro-Establishment guys who have
> hated Trump from the beginning because he does not fit into their
> progressive world view and who delight in being able to make the kind of
> twisted arguments that enable them to label him an anti-Semite as well as a
> misogynist, racist, bigot and homophobe. Have I left anything out? They are
> attacking him not for what he has actually clearly stated or done but over
> what he might be thinking. For them it is always convenient to be able to
> recall Munich in 1938 or to conjure up Cossacks at the front door to win an
> argument, but someone should tell them that calling someone an anti-Semite
> is fortunately a slur that is losing its effectiveness through overuse and
> lack of credibility. Joe Sobran put it very well when he observed that
> anti-Semite used to be an expression applied to people who hate Jews but
> now it is more often used to describe people that Jews hate.
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