[Marxism] Fwd: Reading the fine print in Seth Ackerman’s blueprint for a new party | Louis Proyect: The Unrepentant Marxist

Tristan Sloughter t at crashfast.com
Mon Nov 21 13:53:25 MST 2016

> perfectly the fence-straddling politics of DSA today, especially the 
> youth wing that has made Jacobin its semi-official voice.

As a member of the youth wing of the DSA I would like to put emphasis on
the *semi* :). Many of us have a very different view of how to move

I was at an ISO event in San Diego on Saturday and brought up why I
thought the time was now to bring the different orgs together (like
those groups who participated in the People's Summit) to build a new
party. The response was as expected, that this wouldn't help those who
will be targeted by Trump and his supporters and that that is where
focus needs to be.

I was planning a response to their section that included Rania Khalek on
anti-imperalism to note that "internationalism" was not mentioned and
that any new party must clearly stand in solidarity with all people's
struggle against oppression. But maybe I should think of something more
to say... Though I need to finish the issue before knowing what wasn't
covered and to plan discussion topics for our "reading club" here :) 


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