[Marxism] The American Revolution placed the government at the forefront of industrializa­tion in the United States.

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 Before the Revolutionary War, America was the simple, agrarian society
that Thomas Jefferson so revered. It was the Revolutionary War itself that
transformed America into a manufacturing powerhouse that within a few short
decades would overtake and surpass the manufacturing prowess of Europe's
greatest countries. It was the American government itself that led this
effort, organizing and teaching the small craftsmen of the country how to
become large scale producers, and providing them with the necessary cash,
raw materials, and transportation resources. The short-term result was the
effective arming of the nation, but the long-term implica­tions involved
placing the government at the forefront of industrializa­tion in the United

"When the American Revolution began, the ... colonies in rebellion were not
prepared for war and were slow to understand how to support themselves
productively. As *Amphitrite's* tale displays, it was also unlike­ly that
Americans could rely on foreign supplies. So the US government embarked on
a program to harness the resources of the nation's manu­facturing sector
and direct the production of equipment for the Continental Army. ...

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