[Marxism] Fwd: Once Upon a Time in America

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Wed Nov 23 06:50:51 MST 2016

Boris Kagarlitsky:

"The stories of impending totalitarian repressions to which Trump will 
subject women and various minorities are just absurd and false 
propaganda by liberals, who used it to try scare the American public, 
but only succeeded in drawing themselves into a state of panic hysteria. 
The limitations on immigration will indeed take place, and this would 
without a doubt result in an increase of the popularity of the new 
president among African Americans, Latinos, and all poor people in 
general, since they are the ones who lose from the competition with the 
illegal immigrants (as opposed to the privileged white upper middle 
class who profit from the cheap labor of the illegal aliens). Mexican 
unemployed workers, instead of having to risk lives while crossing the 
border into the US, and making a living by drug trafficking, will get an 
opportunity to make decent money building a multi-kilometer  wall 
between the two states. Construction companies will get contracts; the 
infrastructure will grow."



Worries about cops getting free rein to kill Black youth and women 
losing the right to abortion, ever more constrained, is dismissed by 
Kagarlitsky who also believes that Latinos will rally around Trump 
because he will step up deportations.

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