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Using Gramsci: A New Approach

By Michele Filippini


Available in the UK and Europe from Pluto Press: http://bit.ly/2cTfNzh

Available in the US from University of Chicago Press: http://bit.ly/2ddIvvm

Available in Canada: http://amzn.to/2cCE6TZ


A modern, introductory approach to one of the greatest political theorists,
Antonio Gramsci.


'There is little doubt that Gramsci has become one of the most relevant
thinkers of the 20th century influencing many fields of contemporary
scholarship. Fillippini’s Using Gramsci is a tribute to this.’ - Cosimo
Zene, SOAS, University of London, editor of The Political Philosophies of
Antonio Gramsci and B. R. Ambedkar (Routledge, 2013)


About the book:

Including chapters on ideology, the individual, collective organisms,
society, crisis and temporality, Using Gramsci offers a new pattern in
Gramscian studies aimed to speak to the broader audience of social sciences
scholars. The tools that are provided in this book extend the uses of
Gramsci beyond the field of political theory and Marxism, while remaining
firmly rooted in his writings. Working from the original Italian texts,
Filippini also examines the more traditional areas of Gramsci’s thought,
including hegemony, organic intellectuals and civil society.


Read a chapter from the book: http://bit.ly/2dNvg1x


Michele Filippini is Researcher in the Department of Political and Social
Sciences at the University of Bologna. He is the co-ordinator of the
digital library Gramsciproject.org and has been in the board of the
International Gramsci Society, Italy. He is the author of Leaping Forward:
Mario Tronti and the History of Political Workerism (Jve-Crs, 2012).


PAPERBACK: NOVEMBER 2016 / 192 PAGES / ISBN 9780745335681 / £14.99 / $23 /



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