[Marxism] David Cobb wins

Mark Lause markalause at gmail.com
Thu Nov 24 12:15:37 MST 2016

The local Stein campaigners threw rocks at me when I pointed out the
shortcomings of their effort. :-)  So I left them to their own devices and
tried to do what i could for the campaign on my own.  Don't have any
regrets in that regard, but I was not happy to see the old "safe-staters"
bobbing up to the top like stale cheese.

The recount is being discussed in the abstact . . . but in concrete terms,
$2.5 million could put organizing teams on the road in each of the lower 48
states.  Staffed by volunteers and using a borrowed car, you could keep
them organizing, recruiting and creating new chapters for more as long as
their $50,000 budget held out.  In the end, you'd have a membership party
in every state.  And with a membership, you could demonstrate those
"democratic" concerns in the ten key values as well as just talking about
them.  And once the power was in the hands of people who have chosen a
party, that would be it for the trimmers, compromisers, Demo-Greens, and
would-be power-brokers.

Wonder why they wouldn't try to raise the money for this, eh?


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