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Thu Nov 24 16:47:56 MST 2016

Interesting perspective that is greatly appreciated.

On Thu, Nov 24, 2016 at 2:15 PM, Mark Lause <markalause at gmail.com> wrote:

> The local Stein campaigners threw rocks at me when I pointed out the
> shortcomings of their effort. :-)  So I left them to their own devices and
> tried to do what i could for the campaign on my own.  Don't have any
> regrets in that regard, but I was not happy to see the old "safe-staters"
> bobbing up to the top like stale cheese.
> The recount is being discussed in the abstact . . . but in concrete terms,
> $2.5 million could put organizing teams on the road in each of the lower 48
> states.  Staffed by volunteers and using a borrowed car, you could keep
> them organizing, recruiting and creating new chapters for more as long as
> their $50,000 budget held out.  In the end, you'd have a membership party
> in every state.  And with a membership, you could demonstrate those
> "democratic" concerns in the ten key values as well as just talking about
> them.  And once the power was in the hands of people who have chosen a
> party, that would be it for the trimmers, compromisers, Demo-Greens, and
> would-be power-brokers.
> Wonder why they wouldn't try to raise the money for this, eh?
> ML

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