[Marxism] Tribute: Eduardo Galeano on Fidel Castro

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Mon Nov 28 06:57:42 MST 2016

His enemies say he was an uncrowned king who confused unity with 
unanimity. And in that his enemies are right.

His enemies say that if Napoleon had a newspaper like Granma, no 
Frenchman would have learned of the disaster at Waterloo. And in that 
his enemies are right.

His enemies say that he exercised power by talking a lot and listening 
little, because he was more used to hearing echoes than voices. And in 
that his enemies are right.

But some things his enemies do not say: it was not to pose for the 
history books that he bared his breast to the invaders’ bullets, he 
faced hurricanes as an equal, hurricane to hurricane, he survived 637 
attempts on his life, his contagious energy was decisive in making a 
country out of a colony, and it was not by Lucifer’s curse or God’s 
miracle that the new country managed to outlive 10 US presidents, their 
napkins spread in their laps, ready to eat it with knife and fork.

And his enemies never mention that Cuba is one rare country that does 
not compete for the World Doormat Cup.

And they do not say that the revolution, punished for the crime of 
dignity, is what it managed to be and not what it wished to become. Nor 
do they say that the wall separating desire from reality grew ever 
higher and wider thanks to the imperial blockade, which suffocated a 
Cuban-style democracy, militarized society, and gave the bureaucracy, 
always ready with a problem for every solution, the alibis it needed to 
justify and perpetuate itself.

And they do not say that in spite of all the sorrow, in spite of the 
external aggression and the internal high-handedness, this distressed 
and obstinate island has spawned the least unjust society in Latin 
America. And his enemies do not say that this feat was the outcome of 
the sacrifice of its people, and also of the stubborn will and 
old-fashioned sense of honor of the knight who always fought on the side 
of the losers, like his famous colleague in the fields of Castile.

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