[Marxism] The NY Times continues to sanitize Steve Bannon

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Mon Nov 28 08:26:31 MST 2016

(Some of his best friends are...)

Vociferous critics of his appointment, a diverse group that includes the 
conservative talk-show host Glenn Beck and Senator Bernie Sanders of 
Vermont, who challenged Mrs. Clinton for the Democratic presidential 
nomination, have variously called Mr. Bannon a racist, a sexist, an 
anti-Semite and an Islamophobe. Interviews with two dozen people who 
know him well, however, portray a man not easily labeled, capable of 
surprising both friends and enemies, with unshakable self-confidence and 
striking intensity. (Mr. Bannon turned down a request for an interview, 
saying he was too busy with the presidential transition.)

Mr. Bannon’s backers note that several of Breitbart’s top editors and 
managers are Jewish — as was Mr. Breitbart himself — and the site is 
staunchly pro-Israel. They also point out that Mr. Bannon’s longtime 
assistant, Wendy Colbert, is African-American; so are Sonnie Johnson, a 
conservative writer he promoted on Breitbart, and a former Goldman 
colleague who has been a close friend for three decades and considers 
Mr. Bannon family, but who asked not to be named to avoid a flood of 
media attention.


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