[Marxism] Fwd: The Banality of Evil: Elites Close Ranks Behind Trump - LA Progressive

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Mon Nov 28 15:48:28 MST 2016

On the “left,” Obama and all the Democrats except good old Bernie 
Sanders are singing the same song: “All we are saying/ Is give Trump a 
chance.” And even Bernie feels obliged by decorum to join the Democratic 
chorus by offering to ‘work with Trump’ on creating jobs rebuilding the 
infrastructure (while expressing his doubts)

There are even elements on the far left who seem ready to banalize evil 
by “giving Trump a chance.” For example their are Zombie Stalinists in 
the anti-imperialist movement who are overjoyed that Trump loves their 
idol Vladimir Putin. They support Putin’s bombing of Aleppo and his 
occupation of Crimea, and proclaim that Trump’s election “saved us from 
WWIII.” There are also state-socialists and neo-Keynesians whose mouths 
are watering at the prospect of Trump’s infrastructure promises.

As for the official labor movement: “None other than AFL-CIO president 
Richard Trumka raced to the front of the line to congratulate Trump on 
his victory and pledge to work together with the new commander in chief. 
Trumka proclaimed “The President-elect made promises in this campaign—on 
trade, on restoring manufacturing, on reviving our communities. We will 
work to make many of those promises a reality.”

full: https://www.laprogressive.com/elites-support-trump/

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