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Clay Claiborne clayclai at gmail.com
Sat Oct 1 09:00:36 MDT 2016

Excuse me. Like it or not we have a binary choice here. Do you know binary
Like 1 = not 0? That means as far as the choice for POTUS goes a vote for
Stein is a vote for Clinton, otherwise a vote for Stein does not exist.
False can scream all day long that just because it is not True, that
doesn't make it False, but nobody will listen.

All those who vote for Stein will not be voting against Trump. It will be
mainly white leftists that vote for Stein. If he is elected as a result and
starts to carry out his racist programs your Stein vote will be seen as
part of the greatest treachery of this Left and I can only hope it will
break the strangle hold white chauvinist has had on the Left for the past
half century. Only then can we break this stagnation and move forward to
revolution. 20 years later, the Green Party is still a white party. That is
how effective it has been in driving blacks away. It can never elect a
president, let alone lead a revolution. Its only real achievement has been
helping Repubs get elected, and this year that is no joke.

As long as the Left keeps itself mainly white, it will be ineffective or
worst - supporters of fascism. The Left is already adapting itself to a
Trump Presidency.

All i have to do is look at the number of positing to this list that
critique this rising white nationalist trend as compared to postings
opposing Clinton, to know that your concerns don't reflect the concerns of
people of color including black activists.


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> Clay
>  I should have made it clear that I regard the current election campaign as
> the battle of the monsters. In no sense would I ever sign up to the
> pro-Trump Left.  Not ever - never.  If I had a vote it  would go to Jill
> Stein.
> I also think that there will be no progress in the States (and the world
> btw), until the Republican-Democrat Duopoly is broken.
> Again comradely greetings
> Gary
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