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Actually, as Hillary tells it, becoming a Clinton was a Democratic tactical
choice. She didn't become a Clinton by marrying Bill, she kept her last
name Rodham, even when Bill got elected gov. the 1st time, but he was
turned out after only 2 years. Main voter complaint was Hillary kept her
last name, so she changed it and he was elected again and again. So maybe
if the country was less conservative and less concerned with trivial matter
she might be running today as Hillary Rodham and you wouldn't be able to
use her last name to clump her in with Bill.

You #NeverHillary activist are a scream. Does this thread have selective

What about http://www.jill2016.com/  and why isn't the main Green Party
logo for this campaign Stein2016?
It seems to me that every criticism of the Democrats use of "Hillary"
listed above applies equally to the Greens use of "Jill"

There is also "Jill not Hill" Google search for that turns up 37,000 hits.
In addition the above criticisms that apply to "Hillary" I would add 2
more, one minor and one major.
The minor added critique is that it represents a mangling of the name of
the other woman running for president, and can be added to Stein's tweet
that she is a better mother than Clinton. I hate to see a so-called
progressive campaign stoop to that level. Have you ever heard a male
politician brag that he is a better father than his opponent? The question
of what kind father he is doesn't even come up. [I can hear the rebuttal
now "well it should" don't bother.]

The major critique is that it clearly frames the Stein campaign as a
pro-Trump campaign. As the Green's main slogan it shows clearly that they
are going after Clinton voters, not Trump voters, Johnson voters,or new
voters. It is a slogan to divert Clinton voters towards Stein, and unless
she has a snowball's chance in hell of winning, she doesn't, it is a
pro-Trump slogan. In fact, if past practice applies, we can expect that
there will be a fair amount of GOP money promoting that slogan.

The one thing I think the Green's are right about is that bourgeois
democracy, which they refer to at it current stage as "neo-liberalist",
does trend toward fascist in the period of imperialist decay. It can be
fairly argued that WWII was more than just a worldwide conflict between
imperialist powers over the division of the world as WWI was, it was also
the first worldwide fascist assault on bourgeois democracy and socialism.
Fortunately this first assault was beaten back by a worldwide coalition of
socialists and "neo-liberals."

I think we are currently witnessing the second worldwide fascist assault on
bourgeoisie democracy and socialism such as it still exists. It already
holds state power in Russian, has developed its barbaric practices in Syria
and, is now making concerted efforts to win state power in the west,
initially by non-violent means.

Given these developments, one could only wish that a Marxist mail list
would spend more time discussing that and less selectively discussing one
of the two female presidential candidates that promotes her first name.

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