[Marxism] What's up with this?

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Sat Oct 1 14:35:38 MDT 2016

Donary Crunk for President?

No thanks.


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>Yes, this is primarily a Democratic Party tactical choice.  Look at the
>bumper stickers, buttons, etc. or how she is discussed in the media by her
>supporters.  (You don't see much "Vote for Donnie.")  The ad people would
>say that "Hillary" tends to humanize her and make her grandmotherly.  It
>further emphasizes gender and consolidates the most ardent of her core
>constituency--women who think that her election will automatically be good
>for women because she is one.  (A twist on the only plausible argument
>supporters made for Obama.)
>Then, too, if someone who doesn't support her calls her "Hillary," they can
>ask why they call her "Hillary" and the Republican candidate "Trump."
>On the other hand, there can be some confusion with just "Clinton,"
>especially if you are discussing a matter of record.   That's because of
>Bill, of course.  This is a problem with decadent dynastic politics.

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