[Marxism] Sean Spicer, RNC's Chief Strategist now tweeting for Stein

Clay Claiborne clayclai at gmail.com
Sat Oct 1 17:17:13 MDT 2016

Sean Spicer ‏@seanspicer  Chief Strategist & Communications Director,
Republican National Cmte [verified account]

@smerconish since you are such an advocate of 3rd parties when was the last
time you or @cnn had @DrJillStein on?

9am every sat. That aside choosing not to give her air time is clearly an
attempt to help @TheDemocrats @HillaryClinton

1 comment & 3 questions:
comment - my father would be proud to see this GOP tradition continued.

1) Why is the chief GOP strategists doing this?
2) Do you think he puts any money where his mouth is?
3) Are all the Stein supporters on this list going to re-tweet him?

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