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> An oft-repeated myth about the Clinton administration is that although it
> was overly tough on crime back in the 1990s, at least its policies were
> good for the economy and for black unemployment rates. The truth is more
> troubling. As unemployment rates sank to historically low levels for white
> Americans in the 1990s, the jobless rate among black men in their 20s who
> didn’t have a college degree rose to its highest level ever. This increase
> in joblessness was propelled by the skyrocketing incarceration rate.
> Why is this not common knowledge? Because government statistics like
> poverty and unemployment rates do not include incarcerated people.

It is common knowledge, maybe not in academic circles dependent on gov't
stat, but it certainly is on the streets were I live. The skyrocketing
incarcerated rate is very real for black people in LA county, but in no way
does that add up to refusing to vote for Clinton and suffering a much more
draconian and openly racist regime under the only available option.

I don't know why Michelle Alexander wrote this piece. Maybe they asked her
to, maybe they paid her to, maybe it was just another chance to utilize her
amazing research.

She doesn't mention Stein, Johnson or Trump, so what is the point of
targeting Clinton?

I don't know why Michelle Alexander wrote this piece, but I think I do know
why The Nation published it.


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