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Clay Claiborne clayclai at gmail.com
Sat Oct 1 18:50:02 MDT 2016

I didn't realize this was a very old article from February when I posted
above. That was before Bernie was beaten at the DNC so I would read it
somewhat differently in terms of who it was targeting in february. Question
is why is it being posted to the list now?

Michelle Alexander today [19 Sept]


And yet I now feel compelled to change course. I am walking away from the
> law. I’ve resigned my position as a law professor at Ohio State University,
> and I’ve decided to teach and study at a seminary. Why?
> There is no easy answer to this question, and there are times I worry that
> I have completely lost my mind.
> ...
> And I no longer believe we can “win” justice simply by filing lawsuits,
> flexing our political muscles or boosting voter turnout. Yes, we absolutely
> must do that work, but none of it — not even working for some form of
> political revolution — will ever be enough on its own. Without a moral or
> spiritual awakening, we will remain forever trapped in political games
> fueled by fear, greed and the hunger for power. American history teaches
> how these games predictably play out within our borders: Time and again,
> race gets used as the Trump Card, a reliable means of dividing, controlling
> and misleading the players so a few can win the game.

The New Jim Crow is a fine piece of work but that doesn't make Michelle
Alexander someone we should follow.


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