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On Sat, Oct 1, 2016 at 7:47 PM, Ernest Leif <ernestleif at gmail.com> wrote:

> I actually think that white supremacy will be emboldened under the rule of
> Hill & Co.

Yes, it will. Most certainly. It has already been emboldened under the rule
of a black POTUS. The alt-right has developed as a result. Donald Trump
came to the head of a white nationalist movement directly because of his
racist attacks on Obama and now there is a serious chance that hwe will
become POTUS.

So will the white nationalists still feel emboldened even if they lose?
Having come this close this quickly they will and no matter what they will
be better organized, more massive and still in control of one of the two
main capitalist parties. Plus Trump is organizing his 2nd Amendment people
into militias and preparing them for extra-legal action, possibly even the
extra-legal seizure of state power, if they can get it with Stein's help.

So will the white nationalists feel embolden when they are making advances
worldwide. Putin's aggression and support for brutally fascist regimes
remains unchecked. And the alt-right has made dramatic gains in Europe and

Mean while the western Left has remained white dominated with feel roots
among the masses and most have sold their soul [I'm having a Michelle
Alexander moment] to Gaddafi, Assad and Putin, and now they are working
hard to put Trump in the WH.

So will the white nationalist feel embolden if Clinton wins? Yes, but if
the white nationalist win state power there will be hell to pay.  [another
Michelle Alexander moment]


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